Here at EMC we offer calibration, sales, service and repairs of:

Dimensional Metrology:
Engineer Squares, Dial and Electronic Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Gauge Blocks and accessories, Micrometers, Plug and Thread Gauges, Rules and Tapes, Thickness Gauges, Verniers, Height and Length Gauges, Straight Edges.

Force Measurement:
Tensiometers, Beltweighers, Torque Wrenches and Meters, Balances and Scales, Load Cells, Force Testing Machines, Jacks, Weighing Kits.

Thermometers, Temperature Meters, Temperature Probes, Ovens, Furnaces, Temperature Controllers, IR Temperature Meters.

Insulation Testers, Multimeters, Current Meters, Frequency Meters, RCCB Testers, Network Analyzers, Function Generators, MilliOhm Meters, Hipot Testers

Other Instruments:
Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Protractors, Levels, PH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Tachometers, Sound Meters, Durometers, Vibration Analyzers, Flux Meters, Light Meters, Moisture and Humidity Meters.

Plus much more. If you don't see your equipment listed, call us on (07) 3284 6748 or send us a message and ask if we can do it for you!